Book Author & Medical Professional
Book Author & Medical Professional

New Books by Dr. Jarvis

In What the Single Eye Sees: Faith, Hope, Charity & the Pursuit of DiscipleshipDr. Joseph Q. Jarvis draws on a lifetime of leadership, service, and scripture study to reveal spiritual insights we’ve never considered before—teaching us how to explore what Christ’s call to discipleship really means and how following that call deepens our relationship with the Savior. If you are searching for answers, peace, and communion with the divine, then digging deep into your discipleship is key.

In The Purple World, Dr. Joseph Jarvis, MD, examines how our nation’s focus has radically shifted from the disease to the dollar—drastically harming Americans in the process. Instead of simply pointing fingers and wailing about the outrages, Dr. Jarvis offers a workable solution that can be quickly implemented by each state. You’ll get a compelling look at how politicians can offer real solutions and how the American electorate can finally do the right thing in health-system reform: protect our families, our country, and our future.

About Dr. Jarvis

Joseph Q. Jarvis is a public-health physician and author of two books. He has been married more than forty years to Annette Wanlass Jarvis, an attorney, and they reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their five children and seven grandchildren are scattered across the United States, requiring a good deal of grandparent travel each year. As a young man, Jarvis served a full-time mission in Austria for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today he also leads tours in the Holy Land, where travelers can study discipleship in the literal footsteps of the Savior. When not writing or providing public-health consulting services, Jarvis enjoys driving his Jeep off-road or playing golf off-fairway.